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Worldwide Food Color is trending to Natural Material

The synthetic color which is made from oil by chemosynthesis is popular as food color. However, recently it is prohibited to use the synthetic color in some countries due to a concern about carcinogenic and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) of child. Especially food market in Europe and Japan is strict for safe and secure then avoiding using of the synthetic color and additive coloring.
Food color is trending to natural food material from synthetic color worldwide.
According to the report from FoodNavigaotr-USA in year 2016, natural colors (including beverage) market size is estimated to grow US$ 2,200 million in year 2026 from US$ 1,300 million in year 2016.

Also the latest research of natural color market in 「Natural Food Colors Market Size and Share Report」published by Meticulous Market Research Pvt. Ltd is estimating the growth US$ 2,537 million in year 2024 from US$ 1,541 million in year 2018.

It is reported that Japan food color market size (2018) was US$ 350 million and 5% of this market was blue color. If blue color portion is same 5% in worldwide market, it would be estimated to grow to US$ 127 million in year 2024 from US$ 77 million in year 2018.
Especially there is no natural material for blue color. We understand Butterfly pea blue sterilized powder which our company is manufacturing is the only natural material in a world and promising blue color food material.
Blue natural color is promising for pure beautiful blue food having high photogenic nature in worldwide market.

Also, including the green color made by mixing of blue Butterfly pea sterilized powder and yellow turmeric sterilized powder, market demand would be 10 times bigger than Japan market expecting blue color market US$ 381 million in year 2024. (usually, chlorophyll is applied to green color but it has big issue for fading nature and natural color market is looking for new natural green color material)
Furthermore, variety of color like a crayon can be created by mixing of natural material. It is happy for us new variety of color by safe and secure natural material can contribute to food market.

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Food color is trending to natural food material from synthetic color worldwide. We are aiming to be a leading company in market.

About Butterfly pea cultivation

Butterfly pea flower is typically cultivated in farm’s garden while Rice, sugar cane, cassava and fruit cultivation in Thailand.
Current business model is local brokers collect and buy flowers from farmers and selling to user. Due to this business model, there is no cultivation history and no contamination check. Also, storage condition is not suitable. Flower quality deterioration is big issue with current business model.
Though farms are not sprinkling pesticides for Butterfly pea cultivation, it is well known that some pesticides like Herbicide, Insecticide are detected always since they use water from river and pond.

Butterfly pea flowers from our company’s cultivation consignment farms in Thailand and Laos are completely pesticide-free and no chemical fertilizer base. Some of our cultivation consignment farm has EU and USDA Authentication.
Our company is handling “Grade A” dried flowers which is gentle hand picking, well sun dried and contamination checked.

Large scale Butterfly pea organic farm in Thailand

Butterfly pea flowers harvest and dry flowers

Our goal in agriculture.

Grown in the fertile soil of Southeast Asia.
During cultivation, no chemical fertilizers or pesticides are used.
We are committed to delivering high quality herbal ingredients grown in the lands of Southeast Asia.

Farm introduction

Location: Midwestern Thailand
Production Scale: 4,000-9,000kg /month

USDA Organic

Euro leaf

Location: Southern Laos
Production Scale: 500-1,000kg /month

Laos Organic

Pesticide Testing Results

We publish the results of our pesticide tests so that our customers can buy our products with confidence.
Contact us anytime for the latest analysis results.

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